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Intraocular Lenses

If you decide to have a procedure to remove your cataracts, you will need to choose an IOL. IOLs (intraocular lenses) are artificial devices that replace the lens that is removed in the surgery. Based on the particulars of your condition and the anatomy of your eye, there may be different options available. The staff at Clark Eye Center will help you decide which one is right for you.

Crystalens IOL

Crystalens is an IOL that treats not only cataracts, but also presbyopia- the loss of near vision. It is able to use the eye muscle itself to flex and accommodate, like the natural lens. This allows the eye to focus at all distances, recreating clear vision that often fades with age. With Crystalens you can read a book, drive a car, use a computer, and do any other activity with clear vision.

Crystalens is the only FDA-approved device that uses the natural focusing ability of the eye. In fact it is the first and only accommodating IOL to earn FDA approval. Unlike a multifocal lens which projects multiple images to the back of the eye, Crystalens focuses only one image so your brain does not have to adjust the input.


The TRULIGN Toric IOL was approved by the FDA in May of 2013 and is intended to correct preexisting astigmatism after cataract removal.

“The TRULIGN Toric lens both reduces the negative impact of pre-existing astigmatism on postoperative vision and also imparts excellent distance and intermediate vision and functional near vision, all through a single surgical procedure,”  Dr. Clark explains. “The result is a reduced need for our patients to wear glasses for certain activities following cataract surgery.

“By offering the TRULIGN Toric lens, we have increased the choices that our cataract patients can consider that allow them to not only replace their clouded lens, but significantly enhance their overall vision.”

AcrySof IOLs

If you suffer from presbyopia or astigmatism in addition to your cataracts, multifocal lenses might be a good option for you. Multifocal lenses might reduce your dependency on glasses, even if you’ve worn them for your whole life.

Acrysof IQ IOLs are multifocal lenses that can help you recover clear vision at close, intermediate, and far distances. Ask if they’re right for you!


The TECNIS Symfony IOL is a multifocal lens that provides continuous, high quality vision at any distance. It’s Extended Depth of Focus technology allows clear vision between distances and lighting levels.


There are many great options to choose from when it comes to picking your IOL. The great staff at Clark Eye Center will help you decide which one is right for your eyes! Call today for an appointment.