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Those little shapes and shadows we see floating around in our vision sometimes are known as eye floaters. As we age the eye’s vitreous begins to dissolve. Sometimes little pieces of it protein clump together and float around in the vitreous. We see the shadows of these clumps as floaters. They can be clumpy or stringy and won’t hold still. Some eye floaters are extremely common and usually no cause for concern. If you experience a sudden dramatic increase in floaters accompanied by flashes of light you should seek immediate medical attention.

Laser Floater Removal

If the floaters become persistent and impede daily activities, Clark Eye Center offers a recently developed procedure called laser vitreolysis to remove them.

Laser vitreolysis is a quick and painless procedure where a laser is projected through your pupil into the vitreous to break up some of the larger clumps of protein that cause floaters.

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